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Smart Photo Album - Unlimited Tags, Filters and Albums

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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Do you have troubles for managing thousands of photos and videos? Are you looking for a photo portfolio app? Smart Photo Album is exactly you are looking for...

* Automatically organize photos based on existing IPTC and EXIF meta data
* Tag your photos and videos, they are automatically organized
* One photo or video can appear in multiple albums
* Assign star ratings to your photos and videos
* !! Find photos and videos by tag, select a tag from a list and all photos that match are displayed instantly

Smart Album used filters to filter your photos on meta data, the following filters are supported:
* Tag filter; photos that are tagged with the specified IPTC tags
* TIFF Camera model; photos that are made with specified Camera Model
* EXIF Lens model; photos that are made with specified Lens
* IPTC Star Rating; match specified Star Rating
* EXIF Date; match after, before on in between dates

Enhanced Filtering
* The Tag filter supports AND and OR logic, for example, if there are photos tagged by Event A and Event B, you can create albums that contain:
- Photos from both event A AND Event B
- Photos from either Event A OR Event B
- Exclude Photos from either Event A AND/OR Event B
* You can combine filters; it is possible to filter all photos that match TIFF Camera Model and match IPTC Star Rating

Album Management
* Create, Move, Delete Smart Albums
* Assign Album cover photo
* Change Album sort order

* Photo gallery
* Slideshow; will display Exif date, IPTC tags, and IPTC Star Rating

* Share photos on Facebook, Twitter
* Send photos by email
* Airdrop
* Print
* Copy

* Smart Photo Album makes use of these open source projects:
* MWPhotoBrowser - Used for the Slideshow.
* MBProgressHUD by Jonathan George — Used for Activity indicator.
* WEPopover by Werner IT - Used for the popover view
* URBSegmentedControl by Nicholas Shipes - for the AND/OR control
* LLRoundControl by Dan Giralte - for the include/exclude control
* Appirater by Arash Payan - for the Rate me popup