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KBD Full HD for iPad

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Add new word's sounds!!

“Kbdfull” has included well-known “Sanseido ReikaiShougaku Japanese Dictionary4”, “Sanseido ReikaiShougaku Kanji Dictionary3”, " KIDS CROWN English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary", "Ezukan" and "Ejiten"in one. “KBD” is a dictionary for kids which has many convenient functions like touching function, kanji with hurigana , Search skewer, and jump function etc.

"Ezukan" and "Ejiten" are wonderful products like all other Sanseido dictionaries.
You will satisfied with characteristic illustration and world national flags.

"Ezukan" is a kind of Picture pictorial book for kids which is equipped with hiragana, katakana, alphabet, numbers, animals, fish, and familiar ones.

"Ejiten" is a picture dictionary for kids which is full of world national flags and the Japanese metropolis and districts.

☆The children can easily learn the name of the things alone!
☆Kanji with hiragana !
☆You can study smoothly by touching !
☆you will find it is fun when you start to use it!
☆Your name will be shown on a blackboard !

The forth edition of Sanseido illustration elementary school Japanese dictionary

☆Abundance of the contents! Easy to use!
It covers not only national language but also the other subjects and records 33,000.
☆It is satisfying! And the total kana!
Easy to understand and politely explained.
All the kanji with Kana
It's filled with various new ideas for learning.
☆Easy to read and Fun!
It's with a rich illustration and a plain column.

The third edition of Sanseido illustration elementary school kanji dictionary

☆Abundance of the contents! Easy to use!
You can find any kanji in this dictionary.
This dictionary includes about 3000 kanji for schoolchildren. It is colleted 983 kanji for names as well.
☆It is satisfying!
You can not only understand the spread meaning of the kanji but also will be easy to learn the mechanism of a phrase and become use a kanji freely.
The stroke order of commonly used 1945 kanji is specified.
Role of a kanji is explained politely
You could acquire powerful expression by using kanji.
The remarkable system into which a phrase is classified every letter of a kanji.
Rich "example" column and "expressing" column.
☆ Wide and deep!
You could learn kanji more deeply from the various angles.
It is filled with columns of "Character story" "well-informed person scroll" "appropriate use" "standing of a kanji" "assembling of a kanji." “assembling of a phrase."

"Kids crown English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary"
☆It's an English learning tool of the next generation type which can learn English from sound and from pictures.
☆You can remember English words easily while seeing a picture.
☆It collected about 2,400 greatest words as an English-Japanese dictionary for schoolchildren.
☆Japanese-English dictionary covers about 3,500 words sufficient for necessity for schoolchildren.
☆This dictionary collected many useful examples for hearing and speaking.
☆The meaning of Japanese and English and the difference in a way to be used were displayed intelligibly.
☆The abundant sound enables you learn song and chants and conversation.

◆The main functions are as follows.
☆Search skewer
☆ Incremental search
☆Jump function
☆A search history function
☆ Kanji with Furigana
☆ [Setting]ON / OFF of the sound
☆A Kokuban dictionary is easy to use. You can use it without setting it, But it will be more fun if you setting it.