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Miniatlas Depression

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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Would you like to enhance communication with your patients so they can better understand the nature of their depressive disorders? Would you like to always carry with you a powerful tool with many comprehensive images related to Depression? If so, the Miniatlas Depression application is here to help you in your daily practice.

Depression is one of the most common illnesses that GPs deal with, causes great personal suffering and can even shorten lives. Also, with depression, it is common to develop physical symptoms such as headaches, palpitations, chest pains, and general aches. So your patient may come in to see you at first because he has a chest pain and is concerned that he may have a heart condition when it is actually due to depression. He may be reluctant to admit that depression is in fact the cause of his physical symptoms, maybe because of the stigma attached to it, or perhaps because he is concerned that people will think that he is weak. Informing your patient that depression is a widespread disease and educating him about the pathophysiology of this disorder will be the the first step you should undertake to help him deal with his new diagnosis. You will also need to talk with him about his symptoms and possible causes. Moreover, exchanging timely and honest information is crucial in getting your patient on the best medication for his needs and monitoring the treatment and controlling its side effects. Good doctor-patient communication is essential to get the most benefit from the medical consultation, yet so often the lines of communication break down or are never adequately established, due to lack of time, feelings of intimidation on the patient's part and lack of comfort with the subject matter. What can you as a doctor do to improve this process? We will like to show you a new tool to share with your patient a timesaving, effective and impressive presentation about depression that will bring your doctor-patient communication skills to a higher level. The Miniatlas Depression is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that will conveniently package in a compact format a large collection of medical images related to the depressive disorders. Use it with your patient to explain to him everything he needs to know in a visual and clear manner, and get him talking about his preferences and concerns. There is always an image for any topic related to depression you may need to talk about, and every illustration is supported by referenced texts for your own consultation. With this app, you will help your patient to regain hope and confidence through knowledge and information. Use the app with your patients and peers to provide clarity and save time.

The Miniatlas Depression offers you incredible features:

*A database of detailed and labeled images related to Depression
*Each illustration has an explanation text beneath its 28 comprehensive illustrations
*Zoom in with your fingers to any section of the picture
*Easy search – just type part of the keyword you’re looking for
*Email any image or section of an image you need
*Helps physicians to effectively and more easily communicate with their patients
*Available in English or Spanish localization
*Works in portrait or landscape mode
*Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices
*Images can be printed to iOS- compatible print devices

Great for sending notes to your office staff or fellow colleagues!

Here’s the chapters that you’ll get when you download the App:
*Anatomy and physiology
*Clinical forms of depression

Everything is covered and in great detail. Once you start using the Miniatlas Depression with your patients, you’ll never want to be without it again.
Go ahead and download this Application now. Your patients and peers will all thank you for it.