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Go Dutch Mobile

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Lifestyle
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GoDutch is an aspiring ‘4Creative Inc.’ mobile application tech project providing the iOS community with a rich, intelligent, useful, and simply integrated application that makes publishing and sharing of an event easy. The uses for GoDutch can span the masses, activity coordinators, advertisers, marketers and professionals alike for pleasure or business but more specifically social networking with an economic twist.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Go Dutch”?
For the ideologists and co-founders at 4Creative Inc. it simply chained back to a term one of their mothers used when referring to her long since gone dating days = ‘split the bill’.
That was just the nucleus. From here it quickly manifested into an app that could not only split a bill, but, collectively reach out to a network of friends, publish an event to share, candidly display the entire shared cost per friend up front, establish a meeting place by map, provide the time along with a picture and... well, GoDutch! The possibilities blossomed.
Most importantly, the app created a means to immediately reach out to a users entire social network to publish an event with details within a simple and lovely interface. Include a smooth design, killer branding, rich mobile app engine integration and you have a winning design.

What is so different about this social networking app?
Sure, you could try this with other social networking apps through their broad event features like checking in, venue notifications, current deals and offerings, wall posts, picture sharing, email distribution, etc... but those mechanisms revolve around ‘planned events’, or current events that simply state what a user is doing, what a user is planning to do or what a user already did. None of those apps ever really account for the more immediate, impromptu real life activity to be shared specifically amongst your friends and community - EG; “I’m doing this in 30 mins, at this location, here is what costs, lets split it, who wants to join me - respond back?!”
AND, what if you could share this not only within the App that you’re in, but to all the mainstream social networking apps you have accounts in as well? Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, etc...
PLUS, what if you could also share this with other in-App users within the same geo-location that have the same interests?
OR how about having the ability to filter the types of venue and event notifications you want to be invited to or included in based on user profile categorization?
Furthermore, as a business owner, use this App to communicate your current immediate deal offering yourself - without having to negotiate terms, pay hefty partnership fees etc?