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Smarty Cursive

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Cursive handwriting is a faster, free flowing form of writing dating back to the
initial history of our written language.
It has been proven that those who learn to write by hand learn better!

Experiments where children have been exposed to cursive handwriting lessons
vs keyboard recognition showed greater activity in the part of the brain that
controls language comprehension, motor-related processes and speech-
associated gestures.

Smarty Cursive dramatically yet basically teaches today’s cursive, through the
interactive tracing of both UPPER CASE & lower case cursive letters, mirrors
the letters coming together with tracing 200+ Dolch Sight Words List and
a section for free writing and practice where a user can even print out their
accomplishments, email them to mom and dad or add a color to liven up their

Throughout the entire app the cursive UPPER and lower template are visible
below users view for reference as well as a game after both lessons to reward
the user for following the 26 letters from A-Z!

Developed by a creative designer, educator, and developer who are first and
foremost parents who want the best (who doesn’t?) for their children. This app
supplements what they are taught in school or may not have even learned yet!
Their love of learning will flourish as Smarty Shortz provides immediate and
encouraging feedback through fun, kid friendly scenes!

Children learn best when concepts are presented in a fun, visually appealing,
hands-on approach. Your Smarty will love “working” with Smarty Shortz Cursive!

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