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Smarty Thank You

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Save paper, save money, save time and save a lost etiquette by sending a Smarty Thank You from your iPhone or iPad!

Even the smallest act of kindness deserves recognition Thank You notes are an important part of etiquette that with busy lives (or the 50cent stamp) can sometimes take a backseat! When young children’s writing abilities leave even the most patient parent stressed while trying to compose a short note, Smarty Thank You offers parents an alternative via voice recording, emailing or printing the over 15 different eye catching templates! With bright colors and easy user interface even a small child can easily send Nana and Papa a thank you for everything from birthday gifts to babysitting in the amount of time it takes to record “thank you” and press send! There are even templates for adults to use for quick email thank you notes to co-workers, friends and family for gifts, dinner or the smallest favors!

Just think of all the paper and stamps you will save by using Smarty Thank You! The earth thanks you! Your pocketbook thanks you! No, we thank YOU!

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