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iHold'em Strategy

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Do you need a serious Texas Hold'em strategy app to help improve your skills at the game? iHold'emStrategy discusses the core strategies needed to become a winning Hold'em player. At the same time, it provides you with the tools you need to make smart decisions in live poker games.

Combining solid theory with practical advice, the strategy section focuses on two broad themes: (1) understanding the math behind Hold'em and (2) exploiting weaknesses in your opponents' play. Specific topics include:

-Pot odds
-Implied odds / reverse implied odds
-Starting hand selection
-Pre-flop raising
-Exploiting position
-Continuation bet bluffing
-Adjusting to opponents' play styles
-Playing deceptively

The tools section includes the following:

-Common flop odds chart. What are your odds of flopping a flush draw? Trips? Two-pair? Nothing?
-Starting hands chart
-Outs chart. With 8 outs on the flop, what are the odds of improving your hand by the turn or river?
-Hand rankings
-Common pre-flop hand matchups. How does AK fair against an underpair? Don't waste time with an odds calculator when the most common matchups are listed here.

Whatever your current skill level, iHold'emStrategy is guaranteed to make you a better poker player. While there is always luck in poker, remember that, in the long run, the players with the best strategies always win.