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Gelong POS iPad Version

  • Business
  • Food & Drink
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Gelong Pos for iPad is a client software, this client connect to the server end systems using TCP/IP network, interact with the systems using your iPad. Using this app you can place orders, wirelessly transmit orders to the kitchen, bar or front desk. You can check orders list, revise orders, customer checkout, change menu, food picture upload and more. All data save to your local computer safely, not remote server.

**** install whole systems network, include software, hardware, setting receipt printers to work with GELONG POS systems requires basic IT skills. ****

*** This app can switch to English or Chinese Version. ****

Gelong POS for iPad 采用iPad 作为客户端, 使用TCP/IP网络跟吉朗餐饮系统服务器端连接, 使用这个应用, 你可以查看餐馆菜单, 点菜, 用无线网路将订单送入厨房,前台,酒吧等, 查看订单,修改订单, 买单, 也可以修改菜单, 上传菜的图片等. 订单和所有数据都是安全地保存在你的本地电脑。