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FunyaFunya MasterMind HD

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"The master mind" is a game to guess a hidden number right.
This game may be called "hit and blow".

Please arrive at the number of the correct answer at the number of times of the limited answer.

The number is decided in the next rule at random.
Rule1. The number of the figures is four columns. (You can change it to 3-5 columns by setting.)
Rule2. Only 1-9 is used
Rule3. The same number cannot be used several times. (e.g., "1464" "3559")

When you reply it with a number, the number of "hit" and "blow" is displayed.
"hit" is the number of the number that a position accorded.
"blow" is different in the position, but is the number of a number included in a hidden number.
From these information, please infer a right number.

For example, the hidden number is "1234" and your answer is "1357", "1hit 1blow" will be displayed.
(because a position accords, "1" becomes "hit", but "3" becomes "blow" because positions are different)
When you reply it with "2357" successively, it becomes "0hit 2blow".

It is ten times in the chance of the answer.
(you can change this number of times in the range of 5-20 times by setting.)


You set a number for answers with 1-9 number buttons, and please reply it with a "judgment" button.
When you touch it with each figure of a number for answers, you become able to change the number of the figure.