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Want to be able to quickly find all of the people on your committee?  Email everyone on your softball team?  Find that doctor you saw three years ago and cannot quite remember his name?  ConTabs allows you to create as many tabs as you want and file your contacts in those tabs.

★ Create as many tabs as you want.

★ Rearrange the tabs and put your top four on the tab bar for even faster access.

★ Contacts can belong to as many tabs as you want.

★ Quickly message everyone in a tab with EMail To:, CC; BCC:, or SMS button

★ Your data is safe, the tabs can come and go but the actual contacts in them are never touched.

★ Import your tabs from your GMail contact groups. It runs in two different ways

-- Merge leaves everything as is and just adds what is missing from your GMail contact groups.

-- Overwrite, makes your set of tabs match your GMail groups.

★ Touch and hold on a contact will display an alternate screen showing and editing all tabs the contact is a member of

★ Allow other apps to fire off message from Contabs. Contabs supports custom URL's and any other application that can launch a URL can launch Contabs and have it initiate a message to a specified tab. This includes the built in calendar.

Create an event in your calendar to one touch message everyone in a group as a reminder.

Create a repeating appointment in the calendar to have a quick and easy marketing campaign or just a simple keep in touch each week or month or however you set the repeating up.

For the technically inclined, the format is: contabs://[msg type]?tab=[tab name]&subject=[subject text]
[msg type] can be TO, CC, BCC or SMS
Both [tab name] and [subject text] should be escaped according to normal URL rules

★ Reminder Builder - will aid you in creating appointments. It will automatically build the URL and place it in the appointment notes. With just a couple of keystrokes create an appointment that will allow you to one-touch send a reminder to a group.