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Igo School Introduction

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Go definitive study can learn from one stranger to go in person, "introductory classes go"! !
Clearly explains the basics of go with the rules one by one, and all the exercises included 1,218 questions and learn the basics well. (Published by the International University of Go "introductory classes go," has recorded a)

■ Description ■ Screen
I carefully explains the basics of go, you learn how you can begin to go be safe now.
Another fine entry in order to learn, to help review even go if you know already.

Problem type ■ ■
After studying at the instruction screen, let's solve the problem!
To fit the content description, acquisition issues from a more practical problem easy! A deeper understanding than by solving the problem.

■ ■ contents in
1-1 Rules of Go
1-2 The opposite trend
1-3 way out (way to live)
1-4 Atari
1-5 How to take a stone

1-6 How to capitalize on stone
1-7 Find a Doctor Atari
1-8 Looking for means of escape

2-1 The Atari direction
2-2 Can you escape?
2-3 Both Atari
2-4 Ban started points
2-5 School

3-1 tie and cut stone
3-2 or off?
3-3 Shichou
3-4 Geta

4-1 Snapback
4-2 Oiotoshi
4-3 Meet aggressive
4-4 Stone, surrounded by vital
4-5 place

5-1 Seki
5-2 Vital (Living Mobile)
5-3 Vital (not hand made eye).
5-4 Order of play go

6-1 Atari and the means of escape
6-2 tie and cut
6-3 Data snapback Shichouge Dujiangyan
6-4 Oiotoshi meet aggressive
6-5 Fundamental questions of life and death

For the operation of iPod touch / iPhone
Do not place a stone on the problem of choosing a symbol that is in the evening, do the slide (you can change option settings).
Slide the top panel, move the cursor in the direction of the slide. Tap anywhere on the board, place the cursor there, put a stone, you can choose the symbols that are listed on the board.How about the iPad All operation is controlled by the tap.