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Sports Series: Bingo

iPhone / iPad
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Sports Series: Bingo is designed to be a fun game to play at sporting events. With this game, players look for common things found when going to a game. Bingo cards show various items related to game play or the environment. Players can choose from four sports: baseball, basketball, football, or soccer. When the player gets 5 items in a row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), the player gets BINGO and the game ends. The player can then create a new card and start over. The player can switch sports and get a new card at any time.

This game also includes a two-player mode. Devices connect via bluetooth (no wifi necessary)...iPhones and iPod touches can communicate with each other when running the same app. In the two-player mode, players can "talk smack" to each other, passing messages back and forth (through a basic BlueTooth chat window). An update status is also included at the top of the game board, letting each player know how close the other one is to getting BINGO. When one player gets BINGO, the other device is notified and the game is over. Players can then choose a new card and start a new game. Players do not have to use the same sport when playing each other (but it may not make sense to look for things commonly found at a football game while watching a soccer match...though it could be interesting!). If one player creates a new card, the other player is notified. I tried to choose interesting and common items to find during a game, and some items are relatively obscure to make the game more challenging.

This app has a similar look and feel to MilesToGo: Bingo, which is a game developed to help pass the time during car trips. You can look at the screen shots for MTG: Bingo to see the bluetooth chat screens and the general feel of the app. The screen shots for this app focus on the showing sample cards for each sport. Familiarity with one of these apps will help with the other. There are over 60 different items used to construct each bingo card (for each sport), so there will be some variation in the bingo cards. This game can be played while attending pee wee, middle (junior high) school, high school, college, or professional events. I would appreciate any suggestions for things to include (or remove) in future versions. The splash screen changes depending on the sport category last played (there are four screens, one for each sport).