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Fast Food Nutrition , Calories , Carbs Plus Calculator for Daily Weight Loss Diary , Online Value Tracker , Diet Journal , BMI Tracking , Cals and Carb Control - Calorie Watchers Pro Mobile App by Awesomeappscenter

*****I LOVE this App!It has been so helpful! So far I have lost 40 pounds.This app is sure to help me lose 25 more!***** - Maria Santiago

BEST nutrition eating out guide AND food score calculator in one app that delivers results ! Start successfully losing weight now !

If you are in a restaurant or planning to visit one and need nutritional info regarding its meals - this app is all you will ever need.App shows calories,already calculated food score,old food score,carbs,sodium,fat,fiber for over 310 most popular restaurants,fast food chains and even buffets.Menus are being constantly updated.App also lets you locate listed restaurants 30 miles(50 km) near your current location; create list of your favorite restaurants.Food score calculators for old and new systems are also included in the app!BMI calculator included here too!

Join thousands of app users on iPhone as well as users from other platforms (Amazon,Android,Windows) to SUCCESSFULLY start losing weight now!Listed as a Top Paid app in Windows 8 Store in Health & Fitness (December 2012/February 2013)

***ON SALE NOW ***

Get free updates anytime we add awesome features or update menus .Updates are always FREE !Plus this app is also designed for your iPad as well as iPhone, so no need to pay for separate iPad or iPhone version

√310+ restaurants and fast food chains included. This is the ONLY app with such great database you can find.Even popular buffets are included!Menus are being updated all the time.

√Includes Food Score calculators for old AND new food score systems

√Search food items using search box

√Conveniently shows you whole menu and nutritional information and not just one item at a time

√More than 500 5-stars reviews on App Store

√Includes also British Food Score calculator

√Includes BMI calculator for both American AND Metric systems.Know your BMI no matter if you use pounds, feet ,inches or centimeters,kilograms and meters

√Use "Find near me" GPS option to find your favorite restaurant within 30 miles (50km) near you

√iPad HD ready!On iPhone or iPod works as iPhone app, on iPad works as iPad HD version. No need to pay for separate app for your iPad or iPhone!

√Includes even some popular Canadian and UK restaurants

√Menus are being updated all the time, so you are provided most current information. We care! Don't get stuck with an app that shows old menus

√Make a list of your favorite restaurants

√No points calculator or counter needed - food score and classic food score already calculated for you for all food items

√No Internet needed! All info is stored in your device - access it anytime, anywhere

√In addition please find all major Movie Theaters Popcorn, Snacks and Drinks calories.

√Screen is re-sizable, so you can make it small or large with movement of you fingertips in case you need larger size letters.

√Very helpful especially for diet watchers who count Food Score (old and new-both included in this app) !

√Search Restaurants- search box is included to find restaurants easy

√Watch yourself lose weight when using portion control


Units = Food Score
Classic Units = Classic Food Score

Use this app also to plan ahead what to order and know how many calories or carbs you will consume beforehand.

Staff reviews:

This is a great iPhone and iPad app for those of you who enjoy the occasional indulgence at your local fast food joints as it provides a detailed breakdown of the nutritional content of more than 310 establishments so that you can make healthier choices while still eating an enjoyable meal.

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