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Markets for Gold, Diamond, Platinum & Silver

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Visualize, trend, track and compare global trade in gold,diamonds,platinum and silver, production and usage.

Compare unlimited countries over time by simply clicking their flags
6 different chart types
3D options for Pie charts
Export your custom charts for use in other projects
Email charts
Rotate and render

Reports Groups:
"National exports of gold compounds"
"National exports of gold including gold plated with platinum"
"National exports of gold ores and concentrates"
"National exports of gold powder"
"National reserves of gold held by federal government"
"National exports of diamond powder"
"National exports of diamonds and other precious stones, unworked"
"National exports of industrial diamonds"
"National exports of unsorted diamonds"
"National exports of platinum ores and concentrates"
"National exports of platinum unwrought or in powder form"
"National export platinum, unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms"
"National exports of silver compounds other than silver nitrate"
"National exports of silver nitrate"
"National exports of silver ores and concentrates"
"National exports of silver powder"
"National exports of silver, including silver plated with gold or platinum"

All major/mid-range players

Data provided by member nations to the United Nations.

Requires an active network.