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Climb Training

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Health & Fitness
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Climb training is the first Iphone application which allows you to have climbing training in an efficient and modern way.

Your Iphone can be used as a personal trainer following the training sheet. You workout and Personal trainer shows you (with photos and videos) the correct way each exercise has to be carried out, including number of reps, series and elapsed time. Working and resting times are notified as well.

Create your personalised training sheet based on your targets or relay on Climb training and let the application choose the exercises you need.

Exercises can be chosen from a database including more than 100 items. You can select those of your interest depending on which part of your body you want to work out: strength or resistance; fingers or arms.

Your progresses are tracked in time; you can look out personal statistics and can decide how your training program has to be tuned in order to achieve your goals: your first 6a or your first 9a.

The application stores a list of possible exercises to be performed at the climbing wall, at the finger board or at the Pan Gullich. For each exercise a text description and a short video clip are presented in order to give you all information about the technique.

Exercises are subdivided into categories: Pull-ups,, dyno, board, etc. and, more in general, are subdivided into the following 4 macro categories:
Arms fingers, strength, endurance

In addition to the above the user can select the exercise level ("6a-6c+", "7a-7b", "7b+-7c+","8a and more)

Based on available exercises the user can edit and save his/her personal program based on wanted characteristics. For instance create a training program aimed at increasing the fingers strength for a 7a, 7b climbing level.

All parameters in a training sheet can be set up: number of reps; number of series; resting time between series and between reps.
Default training sheets are also available in automatic way, give the required result.

Once the training sheet has been created, the application allows the execution guiding the user through the single steps and keeping track of training history notifying with an acoustic signal the end of resting phases. Also overloads, used in previous sessions, are notified.

By striking a key it is possible to have the Application issuing a beep every second. That is particularly useful during deadhangs in solo training sessions, when nobody’s there to tell you the elapsed time