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ScaleViz - Visual Guitar Fretboard Shape Trainer

iPhone / iPad
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Master the Modes from simple manipulation of scale degrees, Nail the CAGED system, apply Theory to Note Finding, always know which key or root note a certain pattern is in and how to move it to a new key and learn a simple way to relate and remember patterns and shapes, using octaves.

Finally You can easily realise your unlimited full potential, and open up your fretboard way beyond imagination, uncover the truth about chords, scales, arpeggios and modes, expose the secrets of the professionals and imagine the power simply and easily, limited time flash sale, make the right decision and buy with confidence now!

ScaleViz Shape Trainer shows you how all Major, Minor and Dominant, Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Modal shapes relate to each other, in context, and is designed to burn these shapes into your mind, so they become part of you, visualizing the various patterns will become second nature and in turn your brain will transfer the information to your fingers as muscle memory.

Just choose your shape from the menu then swipe left or right to choose from Chord, Arpeggio, Pentatonic and Modal Shapes, then swipe up or down, to view Notes, Intervals, or Scale Degrees, which are also available from the touch of a button, as well as Fingering Positions.

All Shapes are super-imposed over each other allowing you a unique view of your guitars fretboard, this makes mastering your fretboard a breeze, because you don’t have to try and overlay patterns in your mind, ScaleViz does this for you, allowing you, to concentrate on remembering the shapes.

ChordViz is designed to help you expand on the knowledge learnt in the Shape Trainer and shows you how to visualise notes, octave shapes, and all major, minor and dominant chords, so you can easily see how to apply the shapes and patterns learnt in the shape trainer to any key or root note.

As well as building on information in the Shape Trainer and ChordViz, the Theory section contains a complete course on fretboard visualization that complements the Shape Trainer, and brings the app full circle. ScaleViz shows you just, what you need to know, to advance as a musician and save you hundreds of hours of study.

Test yourself on Chord Formulas, Scale Formulas and Chord Spellings, and refresh yourself on intervals names and distances on the formulas page, use the Key Signature Chart, to help you decipher Modes, see which triads and seventh chords are build on what degree, find relative Majors or Minors, or browse through the concise sections at your leisure.

Mastery of ScaleViz will give you the knowledge you need to call on any chord, arpeggio, scale or mode, at anytime without the need for reference material, leaving you free to work on your technique, timing, and rhythm and mastering your fretboard will certainly be a massive, welcome tick from your TO DO list.

So, Enjoy mastering your fretboard while saving years worth of study!

...Simple to use, touch and swipe interface for easy navigation, with easy to read note display

...Learn to visualize notes, octave shapes, and all major, minor and dominant chords, in every key in all positions

...Recommended for late beginner to advanced guitarists that are serious about mastering their fretboard.

...Seven modes times’ five patterns times fifteen keys, that’s five hundred and twenty five patterns turned into just five, and that’s just for the modes.

...Right handed standard tuning Chord Charts.

Review Quotes.
...A great way to jump from playing cowboy chords to soloing

...The theory shown in this app makes it easy to find your way around the fretboard.

...Recommended for any guitarist looking to start jumping beyond the first three frets. of the most in-depth guitar guides available for the iPhone.

Tested on iOS 8.3, works on all devices :)

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