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iSail Pro

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Navigation
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iSail is a professional navigation application which you can use while racing or crusing.

On the map screen, you can see your boat position, Your waypoints with their names, your start marks and your marks. iSail also show you the lay lines from your waypoint and the bearing line of your boat.

You can open and close electronics screen with the help of top right button. You can change the calculation parameters with one button from boat to mark or between two mark.You can change the calculation point between your waypoints just with a slide.

You can see bearing to waypoint (BTW) or the bearing of the next leg.
You can see Distance to waypoint (DTW) or the distance of the next leg.
You can see what will be the True Wind Angle (TWA) on the next leg.
You can see your speed (SOG).
You can see your course (COG).
You can see your boats latitude and longitude.

You can calculate distance and bearing with the using of ruler button on the map screen. You can make a calculation between two points or from your boat to a point.

Your boat can stay in the middle of the map all the time with indicator button.

You can set the current wind direction with windrose button.


You can add your waypoints to the waypoint list. Then you can sort, rename, drag on the map, move to the boats position or put on desired latitude and longitude. After you arrange your waypoints you can attach or unattached them on the map with the pin on the waypoint list. So you can make them visible or not, you don't have to delete any waypoints.


You can make a quick zoom with the help of three button.

Make a zoom between your waypoint and your boot.
Make a zoom on your leg.
Make a zoom to show all your waypoints.


You can start recording and stop your track with the record button on the track menu. At the end of the record your track will appear in the track list with a small picture of your track. you can see duration of your record, contain how many record point, track distance, maximum speed, and average speed. your track will be saved automatically on list with the start time of the record.


You can see the wind forecast for the next four day of your location. You don't need any application iSail contain professional wind forecast for all over the world.

Start Timer

You can select start timer with slide between 10, 5, 4, 1, minutes. Your timer will also speak. You don't need to look your timer. You can take the start line with the two button. Then the magic number will change, compare this number with the True Wind Direction. Then you have an idea to decide the advantage side of the start line.

Rating Calculations

If you enter handicap of the competitors before the race, Then iSail will calculate the rest for you.


You can take a picture using iSail. iSail will write your speed and course on your Picture and you can share on Facebook or twitter or save on your Photo Library.