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KidEditor: TLP

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This the first and only App that allows early readers to EDIT a story. In this engaging and incredibly easy to use App, there are two educational activities. EDIT takes you to page 1 of the classic story of the Three Little Pigs. In each of the 32 pages, the child can edit underlined words by tapping on them. The story may have started out as The Three Little Pigs but it can easily become The Mean Tiny Birds. As a young reader edits words in the story, they increase their vocabulary.

WRITE takes children to a page where they can tap their own story from words that they have seen and heard in the App. In each of the 10 blank pages there are 28 word drop zones where the young reader can write anything they want simply by tapping on the screen. This open ended activity directly ties reading and writing of familiar words which should benefit both their reading and writing skills. There are over 400 words to choose from.

The ? mark gives the user instructions on how the App works as well as links to other Apps written by the author. The last page contains an option that allows the user to reset their edited story to the default that comes when it is first purchased.

Any change in the story is automatically saved.

This App was created by an educator with over 20 years of experience.

Go to to view a youtube clip showing the App features.