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Slope Slider

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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Rapidly build understanding of linear relationships with Slope Slider's beautiful, novel interface!

Color-coded dynamic numbers and unparalleled user-friendliness make linear relationships second nature.

This app is much more than a graphing calculator, the way a face-to-face conversation is more than a text message. Users of this app are immersed in a world of lines. As the user changes values in their equations, the lines move to instantly reflect those changes.

Since many lines may be graphed independently, the user can compare one line to another, to see and understand how changing this 2 or that -1 will be reflected graphically, and a "trace" feature allows the user to see the whole family of lines generated by changing a parameter.

All of the power of Apple's innovative user interface is put to work in this app, with the goal of increasing real understanding of linear relationships.

Bells and whistles include:

• Take pictures of graphs, which can then be texted or emailed anywhere
• Save your favorite graphs for re-use later
• Display a table of values to show the linear relationships numerically
• Show values either in decimal or fraction form
• Input decimal values directly, or let Slope Slider convert them from fractions
• In-depth help and readily available pop-up tips make sure you never get lost