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Nazar Tahtası

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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Nazar Tahtası
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This application will protect you and your iPhone from envious and malicious devil eyes.

Evil eye, Isabat al-’ayn, is a common belief that certain individuals have the power to look at people, animals or objects to cause them harm. But talismans and images with an eye cannot be used to ward off the evil eye. According to a tradition, Muhammad prohibited the use of talismans as protection against the evil eye because it is idolatry, the form of protection allowed is suplication to Allah.[10] It is tradition among many Muslims, that if a compliment is to be made, you are always supposed to say "Masha'Allah" (ما شاء الله) ("What God wills") and also "Barak'Allah" (بارك الله) ("Blessings of God") to ward off the evil eye. The reference of the Evil eye is mentioned in the Sunnah. Also (لا قوة إلا بالله) ("There is no power other than with God"). It is a testimony from someone that he/she believes that either good or bad will only happen if God wants it to. Persian speakers in Afghanistan use the phrase "Nam-e Khoda" ("The name of God") occasionally in place of "Mashallah," as well as another phrase with a similar purpose: "Chashmi bad dur" ("May the evil eye be far") also used in Urdu. These phrases are found in Tajiki as well, but in a slightly different form. In addition to saying "Mashallah," there are duas (prayers or supplications) that are said to protect against the evil eye.

Usage of the wooden board:
When something mentioned that you dont want it to get jinxed, pul your earlobe while making a kissing sound with your lips. After that knock 3 times on the board.
The alert you will see just wishes you good. You can dismiss it.