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The information magazine by the tennis fan for the tennis fan was released as a digital book that was able to be read with iPad. Each article is written by general tennis player, tennis coach, parents of junior tennis player, and so on.
If this is read, it is wide in how to enjoy playing tennis.

It is the following content in this application program that hits the first issue of the tennis fan magazine.

Effect of tennis / Wood tennis
hat is the tennis felt in Barcelona? / Masayuki Inamoto
Hot tennis news of the world. / tennis nakama
Tennis companion's general meeting. / Hiroyuki Oyama
Think due to 311 East Japan great earthquake. / Hirokazu Kawakishi
Elementary school teaching material of retreat now. / Masaki Hiroyoshi
It is such a shop if occasionally going. / Toshikazu Ihara
High technology of sports guidance support. / Yasuji Murakami
Let's assist in the Davis Cup. / Kyonta

* These articles are written by Japanese