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Darling~ Darling~
Mamma Mia~ I can't breathe.
Give me some water. Gulp gulp.

Dad finally gave us permission to see each other.
He will even give us permission to be married.
Ho Ho Ho, How great is this!

Dad told me this. To live a rough life, you should have Ko fight well, be good at reading, have enough territories, quick judgement, patience to bear pain, hatred to lose and so on.
That's the way you get a beauty to get married.
Ho ho ho, Dad is a good judge as I expected.

I made a plan for you while I came here.
There are Home, Training Center and Level Up Center in my town. So, you will be getting better if you push a bit harder.

Home is where you play a game my dad sets to you.
Training Center is where you study Go.
Level Up Center is where you take Go exams.
Those are just perfect environments and plans for your Go ability.

At Home, I'll give you a gift everytime you win 5 or 10 games.
In Level Up Center, you get a luxurious gift for dad if passing an exam, and there are benefits ready for binding us as closer as one level.
In Training Center, you can play and dig into 20 games, which could be related to ones my dad will set to you. Ho ho ho~
By the way, there is a man who's a snob, I am a little bit worried you might be influenced by him.

I made a list of itmes that can be easily obtained.
You wanna take a look at it?

------- Content of document ------
1. Retry Item : Use it to retry the game you already lost.
2. Try Item : Use it to try a difficult game alone separately.
3. Hint Item : Items that tell you about next move or where you started the wrong move.
4. Skip Item : Use it to skip a difficult game without deep thinking.
5. Return Item : Use it to back up one move.
Many other items…
---------- end of document --------

Isn't it worth trying?
You can get married to a beautiful princess if you accomplish 15 level up. Isn't it great?

You know what I've gone through to get dad's permisson.
Try hard for my sake. I won't forgive you if you drop out in the middle.

Come on, what are you doing?
Come hold this princess's hand quickly~
Let's head for my home fast.