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Dr Kids Phonics Singalong Full

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ATV 兒童節目《通識小學堂》以 Dr Kids Phonics Singalong 軟件教材製作《輕鬆唱詠學英語》

"Dr Kids Phonics Singalong Full" is used in ATV Children Program.

Dr Kids Phonics Singalong - Top 100 Education Apps in 45 countries. THANKS

Dr Kids Phonics Singalong Full - Brand New Karaoke Singalong + 50 Original English Poems with Funny Music!!! Easy Sing!!! Happy Learn!!!


1) Basic phonics kit, suitable for children aged 0 to 6.
The 50 English songs are created on the sounds of 26 letters in Phonics world. Make phonics learning become simple!

2) Original funny songs will motivate your children to love English!
We compose unique melodies for 50 different songs. Each song has its own style. You and your children will love it. Let’s make your home be a music studio!

3) Brand new karaoke with music notes. Learn, listen, sing and share songs all in one.
We bring along a brand new style of learning. The music notes are added in karaoke version of songs. Not only you can follow the music notes to sing, but also you can click on each music note to listen the level of tone. The children can grasp the pitch of songs better. What’s more, you can find the recording and email-to-share functions in the kit to make your learning more fun!

4) Dr Kids Phonics kit. Your experience to quality teaching!
In collaboration with the launch of other Dr Kids Phonics iPhone / iPad apps, the children can even get better learning impact.


Dr Kids Phonics Singalong Full - 讓孩子一邊唱歌,一邊愉快學習英語拼音。簡單的音樂詩歌+樂譜式卡拉OK玩法,小朋友可以輕鬆掌握英語發音,好玩,易記。

以26個英文字母的基本發音教材編製, 製作50首純原創英語詩歌, 讓複雜的英語拼音學習變得輕鬆簡單。


我們為大家帶來全新學習模式, 在卡拉OK上加上樂譜, 不單可跟隨樂譜唱歌, 更可按下音符, 聽聽鋼琴音色, 讓孩子更易掌握音準。而且我們提供錄音及電郵分享功能, 隨時表演、與人分享。,

4)Dr Kids Phonics 教材,最佳學習體驗
配合已推出的Dr Kids Phonics iPhone / iPad apps,學學生字,做做練習,可達致更佳的學習效果。