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Toggledot is an augmented reality game that you play by walking around in your yard or neighborhood. It uses the GPS capabilities of your iPhone to track your movement, other players, and the movement of "dots" that you can see on the display. Toggledot requires IOS version 4.1 or higher, a GameCenter login and an iPhone 3Gs or 4.

Step outside into a cloud of blue and white dots just begging to be flipped! Gaining points for the blue side? Isolate the white ones and flip them to blue. You’re a white player? Target the blue dots and flip them to white! But why stop at dots…? If any other players happen to step inside your detection range, you can flip them too! Flipping players can score lots of points for you and just might make the game more interesting for them at the same time!

To play Toggledot™, you will need a safe place to walk around and access to a GPS signal. When you start, you will be assigned a random color (blue or white) and placed in the center of a targeting circle in the middle of the playing field on your screen. Your assigned color will be the color of your targeting circle and the border of your playing field. The area within your playing field will be populated with a random pattern of blue and white targets called “dots.” By tapping the playing area, you send out a “flip signal” that toggles all the dots within your targeting circle from white to blue or from blue to white. You will gain +1 point for flipping a dot to your color and -1 point for flipping a dot away from your color. You may change your color at any time for -3 points. Other players within range will show up on your screen as blue or white stars. You will receive +5 points for flipping another player to your color. But beware… the dots do not stand still and you only have 20 flips available!