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Bomb Pool

iPhone / iPad
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★★★ Bomb Pool the explosive reinvention of the game of Pool. ★★★

So you like to play Pool or Billiards?

Maybe you like to sink a few balls, or play the occasional trick shot or two.

It’s easy you take your cue, position yourself, set your angle, pull back and shoot. Well if it was only that easy in an app.

We know there are lots and lots of Pool & Billiards games on the app store, but guys haven’t you noticed how these are all the same.

We thought it was time to introduce some fun back into the game.

Have ever thought about trying something else other than your trusty old cue… I don’t know... like BOMBS*.

No I’m not kidding, those round metal iron bombs* with a fuse!

Now lets see how good you are with one of those!


We decided to reinvent Pool… Some might say we refined Pool.

We thought of the different styles of player out there, from the casual player to the seasoned pro. Who should we target with our app.

In the end we decided to satisfy them all, and included 3 game modes.

Next decision was what device to target iPod, iPhone or iPad.
You guessed it again! We decided to satisfy everyone with one universal app.

Then we combined it to one amazingly unique and addictive game.

So we are proud to present to you Bomb Pool, the game that reinvents Pool.

Who said 3 in 1 doesn’t go:

Bomb Pool: A race against the clock and your bomb supplies, to pocket all the balls. Whilst trying to avoid all the obstacles.

Position your bombs…Pinch to set their blast radius then double tap the screen to light the fuse and...... BOOOOOOOM!!!! Watch those balls fly!

Bar Pool: 15 balls, 2 minutes, 7 bombs can you sink them all.

Hot Shot: When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Bar Pool but the bombs are already lit...... Not for the feint hearted.

We bet when your finished you will want to boast to your friends!
So just for you we integrated Twitter, Facebook and Game Center.

If you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or maybe you have all three. Great one copy fits all.

What are you waiting for!!!!

You’re Pool table is ready….