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Allowance and Money Management for Kids and Teens

MoneyTrail is a money management app that organizes the financial transactions between parents and their kids. We don’t handle your kid’s money. We just keep track of it for you. In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, MoneyTrail can make this part of parenting a little easier.

MoneyTrail Features
* Tracks your kid’s money, including cash, allowance, IOUs and more.
*View only option for young children
* Account data can be accessed from your iPhone or from your computer (
* Both parents and teens have accounts

Benefits for Parents
*Can be used by families who give an allowance and by those who do not.
*Allowance options include: one allowance payment or Save, Spend, Share system. Both options can be set up to reoccur weekly or monthly.
* Saves time by eliminating the hunt for the calendar to determine when allowance was last paid.
* Helps you teach your child smart saving and spending skills.
* Lets you keep cash in your wallet by paying your child with credit (IOUs).
* You can pay your child interest automatically each month on the money they save.

Benefits for Kids and Teens
* You have your own account and are in control of your money.
* You can enter IOUs so that you get the money you are owed.
* Runs on your iPhone so that you always know how much you have, even when you are at the mall with your parents.

Keeping track of your kid’s money and having them make wise choices with it is a skill that takes practice. Learning to have a goal for their money also teaches kids and teens to avoid blowing their money on impulse purchases.

MoneyTrail is a money management system that can organize kids’ money and keep kids and teens focused on their financial goals.

This app requires a network connection.