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The Language Adventures of René in China

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《The Language Adventures of René in China》tells a story about Rene's daily life in China. In each chapter there are some dialogues that explains how standard Chinese is used in social situations and why Chinese is people express themselves in such a way.
Each chapter cantains only 1 or 2 pages so that the readers can learn Chinese very quickly and efficiently.In the appendix there are some euphemism, taboo words, borrowed wordsThese.make readers to search more convenient.
Peter Micic,Australia sinologist,senior music researcher,Chinese language teacher,He has studied the history,music and other aspects of China,and written many articles and comments.Representative:《Qian Long——The CEO of the Qing Dynasty》、《My flute teachers-Kong qingshan》、《Music is a verb rather than noun》、《The Forbidden City - A biography》、《Nie Er - The People Musician》and so on.
Based on iPad, provides friendly user interface for learning and practicing your Chinese, such as:
- Book Content exploring: with the menu showing, you can launch the content and freely select any lesson.
- Bookmark: with the menu showing, you can freely add bookmark to the page you need.
- Audio Play: just click the icon of“speaker”embeded in page, it can play audio of corresponding passage.