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Advanced Scientific Calculator Postfix

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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This is a postfix calculator. Reverse Polish notation (RPN) is a mathematical notation wherein every operator follows all of its operands. Postfix notation saves key strokes in long chain calculations.

For example, 2 + 3 will become 2 3 +.

Enter button replaces = button.

Key Features:

1.20Basic Arithmetic Operations
a.Basic Functions & Operations
b.Fraction calculations and simplification
c.Percentage calculations
d.Powers and Roots
f. DIV – integer division
g. MOD – remainder from integer division

2.Scientific notation – Ability to specify significant digits with SCI.

3. 3 Probability Operations
c.n! - factorial up to 170

4. 5 Memory Operations

5. 13 Trigonometry operations including hyperbolic and inverse function.
a.Sin, Cos, Tan,
b.ASin, ACos, ATan,
c.Hyperbolic Sin, Hyperbolic Cos, Hyperbolic Tan
d.Inverse Hyperbolic Sin, Cos and Tan
e.Ability to specify Degree, Radian and Gradian
f.Convert among Degree, Radian and Gradian
g.Sexagesimal Functions - Ability to specify angle in degree minute and seconds
h.Arithmetic operation with operands specified in degree minute second format
i.Logarithmetic Functions

6. 7 Statistics functions
a.Add number to statistical register
b.Clear statistical register
d.Sum X
e.Sum Square X
f.Sample Variance
g.Sample Standard Deviation

7. Specify precision (number of decimal points) with FIX
8. Random Number generation
9. Rounding
10. Polar to rectangular coordinate conversion and vice versa. Use XY to toggle between radius and degree, x and y coordinates.
11. Ability to specify exponential numbers using EEX

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