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Jogging Pacer

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Health & Fitness
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Welcome to Jogging Pacer 1.1

Simple and Perfect for the Distance Jogger/Runner, Walker or Peddler who wants to:

1. Set their pace
2. Know their pace
3. Compare their real pace with their desired pace
4. Keep their pace

Here is what you do:

* Set the units, Miles or Km (Kilometers).
* Set the Run distance.
* Set the desired Pace in Minutes per chosen units (Miles or Km).
* Press Start and begin your run.

It's as simple as that!!!!

More details:

The two graphs shown represent the entire run and pace selected. The Desired Pace graph on the bottom will begin to track according to the desired distance and the pace entered. The Real Pace graph will track the actual pace you are keeping, determined by the distance traveled.

For example:

Say you want to run 5 Kilometers at a pace of 10 minutes per Km.

* Select units = Km;
* Change the Run to 5 (meaning 5 Km);
* Change the Pace to 10 (meaning 10 minutes per Km);
* Select Start and begin jogging.

Again, the graphs represent the entire length of the run, so from beginning to end, in this example represent 5 Km. As the run continues, compare the two graphs. If the Real Pace lags behind, the Desired Pace, just speed up until they match. If the Real Pace graph is ahead of the Desired Pace graph, slow down. Pretty simple eh? If you want to stop your run before the actual completion, just select the Stop button. Following the desired run, the process will automatically stop and the Start button will appear. The Clear button is disabled during a run sequence. When enabled and selected, it clears the distance value, avg pace value and graphs. The Run value and the Pace Value can be modified during the run to adjust your run.

Thanks for looking.