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Zombies Hate Coffee

iPhone / iPad
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Zombies Hate Coffee™ is an augmented reality game that overlays the real world with the world of the Minipocalypse – an almost normal world where humans and coffee-soluble zombies battle for control. You play the game by walking around your yard, neighborhood, town, city, state, country or planet as you seek out and destroy your foes. Because Zombies hate Coffee™ uses the GPS and compass capabilities of your iPhone to track your movement, the movements of other players, and the movement of local humans and zombies that you can see on your display, you can play anywhere in the world where you can connect to the Internet! Zombies Hate Coffee™ requires IOS version 4.1 or higher, a GameCenter login and an iPhone 4 or beyond.

As a human, your job is to dissolve zombies with your coffee sprayer. That’s right! Coffee dissolves them; the sweeter and hotter the coffee, the faster it eats them away! You can replenish your coffee reservoir by picking up stray coffee cups. You can heal yourself by drinking your coffee. Most zombies are “zocals” and will leave you alone unless you attack them or try to pick up coffee near them. But be warned: if a zombie kills you, you will rise up as a zombie yourself! Then it’s your turn to hunt humans…

As a zombie, your job is to turn humans into zombies with your noxious “Death Breath.” When you attack, you spew forth lethal fumes that destroy human tissue. You can replenish your stench reservoir by devouring stray corpses. You cannot heal, as coffee quite literally disintegrates your body. Most humans are “locals” and will leave you alone unless you attack them or try to eat a nearby corpse. But watch out: if a human fully dissolves you, you will die and restart play again as a human zombie-hunter…

Zombies Hate Coffee™ is a social game: you will gain offensive or defensive bonuses by having other players of your faction within your targeting circle as you attack (or are attacked by) your foes. As you battle for control of the Minipocalypse world, you also will earn points by defeating your enemies. Yep, even zombies have rep amongst themselves! You can spend your points at an in-game store to enhance your abilities. Although you will switch factions as you die and are reborn in the game, the most of the points you’ve earned will remain with you, so you never have to start over from ground zero. You can also tap your faction indicator to change faction at will. This counts as dying and being reborn, so be prepared to sacrifice points for the thrill of a faction change.

To play Zombies Hate Coffee™, you will need a safe place to walk around, access to a GPS signal and an Internet connection (wifi, 3g, edge, etc.). When you start, you will be assigned a random faction (human or zombie) and placed in the center of a targeting circle in the middle of a playing field on your screen. Tapping the targeting circle or playing field will spray out a cloud of coffee (or death breath) that will damage (and anger) all opponents within your targeting circle. To move your targeting circle, simply walk around! Your playing field will be populated with “locals” and “zocals”… things to pick up (or devour)… and any nearby players that happen along….

But beware… no one stands still for very long…