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Greek Phrases

iPhone / iPad
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  • Education
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Kalosorisate! (Welcome!)

So you're heading off for a relaxing holiday in beautiful Greece? Congratulations on an excellent travel choice. But wouldn't it be nice if you knew how to say a thing or two in Greek before going there?

That's exactly why we put together this application. Let's face it, you probably don't know anyone that's Greek and you most likely won't use Greek that much in your daily life. But wouldn't it be cool if you could learn how toorder food in Greek, how to ask for some directions, or simply wow that beautiful Greek girl or handsome Greek man? With this application, you'll be able to do just that. We've loaded it with a good dose of useful phrases and words you'll need. You'll find them split in easy to distinguish categories and subcategories. Even better we've included a Greeklish (Greek written in English characters) pronunciation guide and an audio recording by a native Greek speaker of each word or phrase in this application so you can nail that Greek pronunciation.

We hope you enjoy our application and remember to tell your friends about our neat learning instrument for the next time they'll be heading to Greece.

* Contains 204 words and phrases all with sound
* Recorded by a native speaker
* Includes a few articles on Greek language and culture with sound for the Greek
* Organized into logical and useful categories.
* Interactive multiple choice quizzes for every category
* Flashcard Function for all words and phrases
* Spaced Repetition - view words you don't know more often
* Random -- randomly display one of the 204 phrases or words
* Study Bank -- favorite any phrase to study or email to you later
* Settings: Turn on or off Romanized Greek!
* Settings: Turn on or off Auto Play
* SEARCH -- Quickly find any word or phrase in the app
* Works even without a network connection