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Don't you sleep in the photograph, the PC, or the Digital Camera taken with the digital camera? Are not you only by choosing the photograph from the thumbnail and showing it to the person without the one sufficing?

The application program and it that can make only your original photo album from the sense like putting a favorite photograph and the image on an actual album are 'PhotoAlbumHD'.
A large screen of iPad is made the best use of in 'PhotoAlbumHD', and it can enjoy comfortable photograph inspection like seeing an actual album. Showing the person the photograph becomes happy more than before because it can page it by the finger like the book.

Will you leave iPad happy memories of beautiful scenery that meets by travel in 'PhotoAlbumHD' and Friends and the Family and the Favorite illustrations?

- The main function

・Album Making Function
Sticking can freely kick the photograph from the 'Photo Library' and 'Take Camera' to the Album of iPad. The photograph is moved by the finger and the photograph is arranged happily by the intuition operation such as the rotations and the expansions. Memories of the impression etc. can be left for the album with the photograph at the place where the photograph was taken and the date because sentences can be input. The album can be happily decorated, and page background, the photograph frame, clip art, and Drawing come and the function is installed. The scrapbook, the picture book, and the picture diary can be made depending on the device.

・Album View Function
The mystery is page turning over by the finger. It jumps to the page that I want to see in page preview at once.

・Bookshelf Function
Many albums can be made on the bookshelf. The arrangement is put into order dividing the bookshelf by the kind of the album. A private album is firmly protected by the password lock.

IPad is digital photo frame and ..quick change.. !. It can enjoy the slide show in the photo frame mode with the clock that can enjoy choosing a favorite tune from the music of iPod with the photograph of the album.

・Full-Screen Mode
As for the image pasted to the album, former size data is preserved. It can enjoy a large, in case of do the photograph of the album in the double tap beautiful photograph.

・Internet Browser Function
A special browser that taking the image and sentences of the Internet is comfortable is installed. The preview of the actual image is possible in Pixiv by the thumbnail image double tap. The scrapbook can be made by taking a favorite image and sentences from a browser.

・Support RetinaDisplay!

・Coordinated Function
It takes from DropBox and iTunes, OpenIn, the WiFi connection, the album is output PDF, and the coordinated function like the stock photo function that the photograph to be pasted can be saved in the application program etc. is enhanced.
*In iPad (the 3rd generation) with new resolution of a PDF output, 1476*2016pix, iPad2, and Founder iPad are set to 738*1008pix.

・Twitter contribution function
The 'Photo' and the 'Screen Shot' are up-loaded to 'TwitPic' and the function that tweet can be done is mounted on 'Twitter' at the same time. Let's share a favorite photo with 'Twitter' by everyone.