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A plus minus B

iPhone / iPad
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Buy yourself the perfect brain-training game. Do the math fast and collect as many owls as possible! Replay and improve your score. You think it's easy? Well, it may be at first...

At a glance:

• 100 levels, 50 of Addition and 50 of Subtraction.
• A board of 30 predefined numbers that combined in couples (or in triads, in a few cases) give a target result.
• Player is awarded 1-5 owl statues depending on how fast they cross-out all 30 numbers in each level.
• Up to 4 players can play per device and compare their performance on each level (who’s the best time keeper on each level) and in total (total number of owls collected).
• A constructive (simple and essential exercise for the brain) pass-time for adults and a really good and rewarding practice tool for children.

Basic idea:

The game can be played by anyone and is beneficial to everybody, be it children or adults.
Doing simple arithmetic operations is an important and also rewarding brain exercise that keeps our brains alert, alive and responsive. Neuroimaging studies reveal, for example, at least ten separate areas of the cortex, from the rear to the front, and across both sides, that contribute to the simple task of subtracting one number from another.
It's common knowledge that the phrase “use it or lose it” applies to more than just the muscles in our bodies; it also applies to the neural pathways and connections in our brains.

What the game’s all about:

Following this philosophy, "A plus minus B" is a game in which the player is asked to do simple arithmetic operations (additions & subtractions only) between 2 - and in a few cases 3 - numbers, to reach a given result, in order to cross-out all the 30 numbers of the given 5 by 6 table. This is done by tapping on the correct input values. For example, if the current level wants us to add 2 numbers and have a result of 10, one correct choice can be tapping on 8 and then 2 (obviously the order doesn’t matter in addition but it does in subtraction). The numbers the player taps on have to produce the desired result of the specific level. Each time the correct numbers are tapped and the desired result is reached, the input values are crossed-out and the available numbers are decreased. The level is completed, when all 30 numbers are crossed-out.
The challenge is to do this as fast as possible and beat the other players' or YOUR OWN record time in any of the game’s 100 levels of advancing difficulty. Also, depending on how fast the level is completed, the player is awarded 1 to 5 owls. The total number of owls the player has received are an indication of the player’s progress and success. Any level can be re-played, in order for the player to achieve a better time.
The game can be played by 4 different players on each device and they can compete against each other on how fast they can complete each level and how many owls they have collected.

General info:

The game was developed by Alexis Michail and Eleni Vrochidou in Kavala, Greece, using Unity 3.4. It can be installed on any iPhone or iPod.