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Yoga: Balance of mind, body, emotions and being creative.

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Online Studio Productions is pleased to present a new application extremely useful for those moments of meditation, to solve body and mind problems, to help relax and ideal for the short time we have free time during our study, work or at home.

Yoga is the application that will allow us to approach the mystical world of yoga, with very simple techniques and tips for the so-called "asanas," which will allow us to relax, heal, focus or energize. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "union", a term that refers to the spiritual practice of developing awareness and balance between the different levels of the human being: mind, body, emotions and be creative.

You don’t need to be a yogi master or an acrobat to practice this ancient Eastern discipline. The application has been designed to perform the poses without any special equipment, sitting at your desk, or standing with the help of a chair, and you can perform them in any place and time of day, either at the keyboard, next to the photocopier, waiting the traffic to ease or even while traveling by train, plane, bus or car.

• Full color application (Retina Display ideal for the iPhone / iPod Touch 4th generation) and HD (ideal for the iPad).
• Sounds including in particular to create a suitable environment for meditation.
• A brief introduction "What is yoga?" And suggestions for practicing the asanas or yoga poses.
• Two types of exercises: Yoga for the office and Yoga for life. In the latter there are five types of asanas for viewing and practice according to each moment of the day: getting up in the morning; afternoon, after work and at any time.
• Each yoga card contains the name in Spanish and in Sanskrit. Touch the card and automatically it will displayed on the back the detailed explanation of how to do the asana, the body, mind and spirit benefits involved, the difficulty level (1 to 3) and some contraindications.
• You can slide the card on either side of the screen to view another randomly, or return to the last you saw with the respective button.
• Practice: This option will take you directly to the practice of the pose for as long as you want.
• Your favorite asanas: save the asanas that you like with this option for review at a later time by accessing the Favorites button on the menu.

Practice, enjoy and recommend to others this great application, essential to your digital collection of iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

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