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Created by digital content designers, for the digital content industry.

• In-system videoconference with full voice, video and text chat
• Secure and encrypted
• Driver feature to keep all participants synced

Media files: View, share, collaborate, annotate
• Video collaboration with real-time frame accurate scrubbing
• Text and video chat
• On-screen annotations
• Text sticky notes on video frame
• No set meeting time required
• Real-time collaboration with clients and colleagues
• Or clients and colleagues can review at their convenience
• Comments and annotations remain on Studiopass for later viewing

Review documents
• View and collaborate
• File types include Microsoft Office and PDFs
• Markup and annotate in realtime or at your convenience
• Comments and annotations remain on Studiopass for later viewing

Desktop share
• Desktop share with all collaboration tools is available when using the Mac or Windows app. Watch as online collaborators markup and comment on your screen within Studiopass.

Studiopass Calendar
• Manage projects schedules within the Calendar
• See all activities and tasks
• Same hierarchy as your folders
• Move to different folders from within Calendar

Studiopass Gantt chart
• Track projects timing
• View and edit your new events and milestones
• Linked to folders and Calendar to keep data in sync

Studiopass is a collaboration and time management tool with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. View and collaborate on a variety of file types including images, 1080p video, Microsoft Office, and PDF files with realtime, interactive markup tools. Studiopass has a full suite of communication tools including text chat and full video conferencing, plus blogging comments on each file.

Studiopass is FREE and unlike other project management systems, Studiopass does not require a host. Studiopass utilizes the latest in cloud-based technology and is always accessible online. This enables users to access and collaborate on their time and not only at a predetermined hosted time.

Studiopass can be used on a Mac, a PC or on the go with your iPad. Studiopass is always available, so you can collaborate in realtime or on your time. Comments and annotations can be created and viewed later by colleagues invited to your project. You can upload files for review, retrieval and collaboration. Video conference with your colleagues or text chat. Within each project, Studiopass creates a linked calendar and Gantt for easy time tracking of your projects, events and files.

Realtime collaboration with clients and colleagues is essential. Timely comments relay critical information, cutting hours and days off contracted work, saving money and frustration. Studiopass efficiently helps eliminate the possibility of misdirection. Participants invited to your project folder can be contacted with full voice, video and text chat capabilities. From calling one colleague, to full conference calls with multiple participants online at the same time, sharing ideas has never been so easy.

Advertising agencies, hospitals, architects, learning institutions and anyone working with digital content will benefit from realtime collaboration. With Studiopass, participants can view and collaborate on a variety of file types including Microsoft Office files, PDF, all popular video files, audio files and industry standard image files including DICOM medical imagery, with realtime frame accurate collaborative scrubbing, text and video chat, drawing and text sticky notes on frame and blogging comments. Upload any supported file format and watch it appear onscreen to be viewed and commented on instantly.

All of this is done in a fully secure and private environment. All material and communications are encrypted upstream, downstream and stored on secure Amazon servers.