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Experience advanced mind states and amplify your intelligence with NeuroSpace, a leading cognitive enhancement and experiential mindware for iOS. Sustainable neuro-development cycles and a set of instantly applicable transitions, advanced proprietary neural entrainment protocols correlated with generative visualizations and mesmerizing ambient soundscapes make NeuroSpace an unforgettable transhuman adventure that you can embark on today.

NeuroSpace cycles are synthetic experiences designed to engage users with cognitive evolution unfolding in the universal context. Each cycle consists of multiple scenes based on fluid NAV (neuro-audio-visual) architectures. The elements of NAV are gathered from deep space exploration and generatively processed into stunning visual textures synced to ambient music with embedded neural entrainment.

Dimensions (NSD’s) cycle is a formative creative framework for self-development, inner explorations and deep meditative reconstruction. It advances neuro-plasticity, promotes complex nonlinear modeling, enhances creativity and realization. NSD’s are organic, imaginative, and thrilling experiences. Use NSD’s when you can dedicate at least 40 min (NSD1-4) to 90 min (NSD 5-8) of uninterrupted experience per scene. Combine with relaxation, meditation, self-reflection.

Eudaimonics (NSE’s) cycle is designed to support you through your daily life, promote general well-being, reduce anxiety, improve and sustain focus while providing access to creative problem solving and insightful cognitive circuits. Use NSE’s when you can dedicate at least 60 min of uninterrupted experience per scene. Combine with daily routine, creative work, multitasking.

Transitions (NST’s) cycle is a set of instantaneous neuro-spatial shifts acting as dynamic anchors and efficient cognitive behavior modifiers. NST’s can be used individually to instantly get to a desired cognitive state or recall an anchored experience. It is also possible to use NST’s as elements for experiential modeling using custom playlist. Because of their short format NST’s are equipped with very powerful entrainment protocols.

Modules (NSM’s) cycle is a set of modular elements that can be used to design custom experiences.

See in-app Instructions for up to date information about available cycles.

Start with NSD0 included with the app. Tap on screen to call menu. Tap (i) for instructions. The instructions are dynamic and are updated as new NeuroSpace cycles become available (you will see a list of cycles under the current version). You can try different scenes by renting them for 24 hours and when you are ready you can start a cycle subscription that gives you access to all scenes of the cycle for one year. For the most advanced effects Dimensions and Eudaimonics can be combined in the same year. The effects can be further enhanced with Transitions. For example, for anchoring, you can set up a custom playlist where an instance of NST follows each NSD or NSE scene. When you are done with the cycle you will be able to use NST as the anchor to instantaneously recall and/or reinforce the benefits of the cycle.

Subscription to 2 + cycles includes entry level NSORG membership with access to experiential schematics and consultations. Register here:

If you are thinking of permanently installing NeuroSpace as a beautiful futuristic artwork you can purchase to own. Use HDMI or AirPlay to connect NeuroSpace to your media system.

For more information about NeuroSpace go to