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Performa Sports

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Performa Sports is a powerful real-time sports performance analysis application designed for analysts, coaches and players to improve team and individual performances.

What people are saying:

“…whereas it used to take us a whole day to run through a game and tag our predefined KPI’s we can now tag a game in under 2 hours…” - Tom Legg, Craig Bellamy Foundation, Sierra Leone.

“I already knew about the product from work I did in Sierra Leone. I’d seen what they were doing with other clients, like the Craig Bellamy Academy, and how easy it was to take to the pitch.” - Tom Harris, Houston Dynamos.

“The interface is so easy to use, not only at the high level clubs does it have a good place but also at grassroots football where people might not have the same resources, it’s a great facility to bring in to enhance performance.” - Daniel Simpson, West Bromwich Albion F.C.

“This is definitely the best tactical analysis product on the market for tennis coaches.” - Tennis Ireland.

"The best feature for me so far is in post analysis, the video pauses every time I tag an event until I'm ready (simple but very effective). "Observation is the skill not how good you are with computers". This app is for everyone.” - Trevor Casey, Wexford United

- Create your own tagging template.
- Setup and manage your players performances.
- Save and share your performance data and video online.
- Capture your teams and players performances in real-time.
- Visualise your performances through graphs and statistical analysis.
- Profile players performances throughout the season.
- Add post-game analysis data to the video of your games.
- Create playlist of clips from multiple games to highlight coaching points.
- Export the playlists as video complications for sharing.
- Export your library of data as a CSV file to create spreadsheets or to use with other video analysts products.

We offer support for the following sports:
- Football (Soccer)
- Rugby Union
- GAA (Football & Hurling)
- Ice Hockey
- Field Hockey
- Tennis
- Support for other sports are coming soon...

Performa Sports - smarter analysis, faster results.