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Attention. As for this application, the compass function doesn't operate in iPhone3G or iPod touch. Please use it with the model since iPad3G iPhone3GS and after that.

Will you not have understood where to have stopped the car in a vast parking lot in the mammoth mall, the outlet mall, and Theme Park, etc.

How is it convenient if there is an application program that takes notes of the place easily parked at such time?

The parked place is memorized in the application program according to an easy procedure, and even if it far parts, it is indication [sukotoga] and this application program is [kimasu] according to the compass as for a rough distance and the direction. Moreover, the map display displays the present place and the parked place, and it is likely to be able to induce it even to the place adequately parked.

Notes: This application program acquires the position of the present place and information in the azimuth with GPS and an electronic compass of building into. It doesn’t operate normally near the object where a strong magnetic field where it influences the room, the multistory parking garage, and the electronic compass that the GPS electric wave doesn’t reach is generated. Moreover, to depend on the detection accuracy of GPS, some error margins are caused in the direction instruction and the ranging in the compass. Please use it after understanding there is an error margin of almost 20?30m.


1.The compass view: The compass indicates the distance and the direction to the parked place. The parking position can be registered by doing “Park” button in the tap. The present place and the parking position can be confirmed by doing “Map” button in the tap in the map display.

2.The parking position registration view: The present place can be registered as a parking position. Please confirm whether the present place is correctly displayed by the map display. The map display can zoom by the pinch operation.