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kitty flying chess

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A fun and exciting game that can be learned by anyone and bring the whole family together!


*1-4 players or against the computer-play by yourself or with your family and friends!

*Each person has a small bunny-choose any color of plane.

*The first bunny to reach the final destination gets to eat a delicious carrot!

*A simple and fun game, suitable for all ages, the whole family can play together!

*Rich sound effects.


*First, choose the number of players.

*Each player must choose the color of their plane.

*Only when you roll a five or six, can your first piece “fly” out of the starting area.

*Roll the dice and decide which plane you want to take flight.

*If you roll a six you win a second turn.

*When your plane lands on a square of its same color is can jump to another same colored square elsewhere on the board.

*When your plane lands on a flight path of its same color it can fly across it.

*When your plane lands on an opponent’s square you can send them back to their airport.

*When all of your planes are lined up in at the final destination, you win, and your bunny gets to enjoy a delicious carrot!

*If your opponents are first, your poor bunny goes hungry.

Come and join the competition and see whose bunny can enjoy the most delicious carrots!