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Aya and the Cubes of Light

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Keep the light on! Solve the cubic mazes and rekindle the stars!

The hit game now available for iOS!

Exceptional hybrid of puzzle, platform game and 3D action!

Real 3D graphics - an action-packed puzzle game using a 3D graphics engine! Detailed graphics in full iPad HD resolution!

Move in a three-dimensional world and immerse yourself in the adventure of Aya, the daughter of the Cube Corporation.

Story: Instead of keeping the Cubes running, Cseom's taking the Energy Packs out of the terminals! The Cubes are the power sources of the stars, and if they stop working it gets dark! You play Aya, the daughter of the Cube Corporation. Teleport onto the Cubes to collect the Energy Packs to get the Cube engines working again. But it's not that easy to find your way around; you'll have to think around outside the box and mustn't get disorientated, even when you're upside down! Sometimes you must think carefully about what to do, while in other situations it's all down to good timing.

Pursue Cseom around three constellations, each with ten Cubes. You'll have some really hard puzzles to solve at the end! Play with other gamers to bet who will be first to get the Cube working again, or play for the Bonus Cubes.

The first three Cubes in the first constellation are free! You can get more Cubes and more constellations through Apple's In-app Purchases.

Post your highscores in the Game Center and compare your scores with your friends!

"We enjoy playing the game!" - gamer

"It's a fairly unique play experience that will require dedication to see everything it has to offer, rewarding those that do put in the time with that sweeter than sweet feeling of smug satisfaction at beating its fiendishly complex stages." - nintendolife

"Aya and the Cubes of Light is a puzzle-platformer at heart but it's more about strategy and planning than it is about quick thinking and well-timed actions. Mainly, though, the shtick here is the use of gravity. Some platforms feature curves that allow you to continue walking as though they were continuations of that same platform, instead of the end serving as a wall. Unless you head around the bend to another side of the cubed level, the camera will remain static." - wiiloveit

"Aya and the Cubes of Light is a gravity-based outer-space puzzler that anyone who's played the Super Mario Galaxy games should be able to immediately jump into and understand. ... Aya's outer space adventures are solid fun!" - ign

"If you like the reward that comes with figuring out a Rubik’s Cube or a difficult puzzle, it is for you!" - mmgn