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Measures HD

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Measures HD - is an iPad version of the popular unit and currency conversion utility Measures. In addition to all features available in the iPhone version, Measures for iPad supports unlimited number of favorites and wikipedia look-up feature providing additional information for the units you choose. The UI for the iPad version was created from scratch to provide the best user experience.

- Eye pleasing design with changeable themes
- Very intuitive user interface
- Unlimited number of favorites
- Built-in calculator
- Rounding slider allowing to change precision on a category basis
- Extensive search capability inspired by spotlight
- Lookup of wikipedia articles for currently selected conversion
- Configurable library with over 1000 different units grouped into 40 categories
- 170 currency exchange rates updated via the internet
- Copy and paste support
- Result can be presented in scientific format (1.094E+2)
- Support for combined units as result (mi+ft, ft+in, lb+oz etc.)
- Localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese

- Common conversions: length, area, mass, temperature etc.
- Currency and precious metals exchange rates
- Cloth and shoes sizes
- Physics: charge, magnetic field and flux, density etc.
- Engineering conversions: viscosity, radio transmission power, sound pressure, am. wire gauge etc.
- Data amount conversions including IEEE1541-2002 standard
- And many more

The range of conversions offered can suit everybody from a college student to a seasoned engineer or scientist. Travelers will then find currency and cloth sizes conversions useful. Since the amount of included categories and units might be overwhelming for a casual user, the items which are not required can be deactivated through a settings menu. For the most frequently used conversions favorite settings for quick access can be created. Finally, search allows to quickly find a unit you are looking for and immediately add the match to a conversion formula. Built in calculator allows e.g. to find out how many euros would be 99$ plus 9.5% tax. All in all, Measures combines simplicity, power and comprehensiveness plus a high level of customizability in one slick package.

If you miss a conversion or feature, please don't hesitate to contact our support. We'll be happy to hear from you.

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