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Checkin Checkout

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Education
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A checkin and checkout system with scannable ID card creation. It can be used by schools to check in/out students. It also also be used by any company to keep track of all workers timesheet. It may have any other usages as well. Basically it is for any institution who needs to keep track of checkin and checkout time for the workers by simply scanning the check in/out card created by this app.

I. ID card Creation

- create check in/out Scannable ID (QR code barcode ID)
- create card with your own background
- create card with default background (more will be added)
- create Scannable Keychain ID card.
- Create and Print ID card directly from iOS devices.
- Create scannable ID card suitable for any commercial company, school, or anyone.
- Create card with Photo directly taken from camera

II. ID Card Printing

- Print ID card directly from iOS devices
- Show a list of ID for Reprint
- Print two cards at one time with two sides
- Print cards with different layout such as regular ID card, keychain card.
- Send ID card to email for any 3rd party professional ID printing service.

III. Use for check-in and check-out

- People can come and scan the card at the back of the scannable ID card. You can click "Done" to check in/out. You may also set up in the setting so that it can take the person's signature as well.
- All check-in, check-out time is saved in database which can be used to generate any report by date.

IV. Report

- Generate report for today
- Generate report by Date
- Generate report with signature (PDF)
- Send all reports to Excel format (.csv)

V. Optional fields for Schools

- Some fields are specifically designed for schools such as Grade, Bus Route, Teacher Name, Parents Name and Contact, Approved Name List for pickup.
- After scan the ID, the student information will bring up, so you can see the students picture and the approved name list to make sure you have the right person. You might also ask the person to sign in/out with signatures.
- Everything is done without paper.


Internet is required for any barcode creation. Therefore, if you don't have internet, you may create ID card without scannable barcode. The user ID and name is sent to our server to generate the QR code. We choose QR code because QR code can provide more information than any regular barcode.

You don't need internet for Checkin and Checkout action.

Only one entry for each user in one day. For example, if you already check in today, you can not check-in again. it does make sense.

WARNING: To edit field, you must click "Done" on the keyboard to save that field and make sure you save the ID as well. Any printing and send mail function will save the ID to the database.