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InkNotes HD

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If you are looking for a note taker Application that start at a very basic level but at the same time you need an application that grow with you at a very professional level. Inknotes HD with their key features is for you. PDF Annotation, Stencil Creation, Smooth Writing and easy to use Interface are just some.

We made a very sophisticated engine based on a mix of Views and Help Panels that can grow with you in time. This allows you to have a help floating View with sophisticated tools and where you can interact with drag and drop gestures (move pages, combine books, drop a color, assign an stencil, etc) .
At the beginning we start with a few basic panels but we will add new ones in the coming months.

Using this mixtures, let us create a rich and enjoyable experience that allow us think that using Inknotes HD will not just be a pleasure to you but also productive.

Inknotes HD it's a work in progress, so today we give you the core structure. Updates will come each months or so with new features that together with your feedback will make an even more great Application.

Key Features

Page Manager.
Drag and drop Folders, Notebooks and Pages.
Move Notebooks into Folder with a single gesture.
Join Folders with drag and drop.
Move Pages between Notebooks.
Sort pages by dragging them.
Use colors stickers on pages.
Smooth ink and very legible writing.
Three kind of pencils (gel, pencil, marker)
Any Color ( monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triads color schemes )
Smooth zoom in and out (500%)
Full screen page size.
Stencil Manager (group them in pre-defined groups and made by yourself)
Create your own stencils, don't buy them ( create any design for your pages and notebooks )
Text, Images, Grids, Lines and more objects.
PDF import from iTunes.
Choose from 1 to any pdf pages.
Export .png and .pdf format.
PDF backgrounds ( drag and drop from pdf files )