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Spac Mobile 3.0

iPhone / iPad
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SPAC mobile is an iPhone / iPod / iPad application for the design and configuration of civil and industrial electrical systems with the possibility to add specific details on the photos of the rooms designed.

The user can create the Project, define the Areas, the Rooms inside each Area and insert the electrical Devices in their exact location using the photos taken with the iPhone.

SPAC mobile contains over 5.500 electrical parts ready to be used in your Projects and suitable for both the civil, industrial and tertiary sectors.

Once the design is finished, it is possible to send the complete Project along with the Rooms photos to the e-mail addresses desired.

SPAC mobile is a useful tool for designers of electrical systems, architects, installers and to any person interested in the design of its own electrical system.

Product Features

Create an electrical system selecting the devices and taking pictures of the Rooms where they will be inserted was never as easy and fun as today.

With SPAC mobile you can decide the name of your Project, create the Areas and Rooms composing it an start selecting the devices required. If you have an iPhone / iPod / iPad with a photo camera, it is possible to take a picture of the Room and indicate the exact point where the command devices and the usages (loads) of the electrical system will be located.

Rooms Customization: It is possible to configure and save Standard Rooms with the Devices included grouped by functions to make a faster composition of your system.

Libraries: SPAC mobile counts with all the devices required to make a civil, industrial and tertiary electrical system.

Standard Functions: Each Project can be saved, modified and renamed.

Output: At the end of a composition, the full version of SPAC mobile allows to send the whole Project with the photos associated by e-mail automatically.
On the other end, when you receive the Project from SPAC mobile all the Devices in the system could be analyzed by importing them on a spreadsheet. If you have SPAC Start 2012, you will be able to transfer the Project to a graphical environment by using a drag & drop approach to place the Devices in the installation plan to create the electrical schemes.
The photos will be very useful for the correct placement of the devices.

SPAC Start 2012 is a design Software with Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 Technology.

News SPAC Mobile 3 :

- Bticino products catalogue now available
- Optimization of the characters dimension to improve the usage of the available space
- Reorganization of the devices subdivision with the definition of the levels
- Creation of a details window that is displayed doing a Tap on the image of a product code. This window can be used to reach the web documentation
- The settings buttons are disabled when they cannot be used
- The settings can be now memorized with a name and recalled when required
- The settings with a unique selection can be set automatically
- The duplication commands require the immediate definition of the copy name
- The duplication is now possible even between different Rooms
- New command available to complete with blank modules the empty spaces in the Boxes
- It is possible to change the cover plate in a single Box
- New feature to manage plan shapes to insert the elements (in addition to the photo)
- It is possible to move the devices in the photos and plan shapes without delete and reinsert them
- Possibility to zoom on photos and plan shapes
- The organization of Zones, Rooms, Boxes and Devices can be changed doing a  Tap on the red arrows
- Preview of the Bill of Materials before send it by e-mail