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Bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are our constant companions. They can be transferred from person to person or via objects at any time. Some germs are harmless, whereas others may cause health problems. Especially in a hospital, they may worsen the condition of already weakened patients. Using an iPad® may also be a potential source of infections. Therefore, it is important to provide a germ reduced environment for patients. In hospitals, standardized hygiene measures have been firmly integrated into every-day routine for a long time to prevent a transfer of germs and to give infections no chance.

“deBac-app” is an App that addresses this issue. It is a standardized, interactive cleaning guide for the iPad® which documents each cleaning event in a comprehensible way. The user is guided step-by-step through the cleaning process, and each successfull event is logged along with time and date. Termination of the cleaning process is also documented in the editable log book. The protocols may also be emailed to be then kept for documentation purposes or to be printed. An optional adjustable alarm function reminds the user to clean the iPad® once a day.

Due to its comprehensible logging function, “deBac-app” fulfills all the requirements for medical documentation.

“deBac-app” provides a standardized routine for cleaning the iPad® and can easily be used by anyone.

“deBac-app” is the product of collaboration between the hygiene experts of the Hanover Medical School, the Peter L. Reicherts Institute for Medical Informatics and the Frobese GmbH Informatikservices and is currently in use on various iPad® devices throughout the university hospital.

Warning: For hygienic cleaning as required in medical environments, the use of disinfectants would be necessary. These are not endorsed for cleaning purposes by Apple®. Please refer to Apple® for current recommendations on cleaning the iPad®.

Apple® does not endorse this app, nor is part of the development in any way.

A more extensive, standardized description of the app in the form of an “app synopsis” containing information about the app’s functionalities, its effectiveness, limitations, reliability of the contents and experts involved, quality aspects, conflicts of interest and data protection and privacy can be found on the accompanying web page (