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Dee Count

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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Count your inventory by scanning bar codes with the device's camera, or an external bar code reader, keeping track of item location or category. Select a count-by quantity for packages containing multiple items. Compare total counts with the same device, on a second device, by exporting total counts to another application, or by importing inventory details from another software application. Optionally, scan QR codes to quickly enter a location name, or find a location. Photos help with identification of storage spaces.

Dee Count is designed for counting and comparing counts. While basic inventory management is possible, please consider other apps for inventory management solutions first.

* Add and name locations as desired, optionally by scanning a QR code.
* Select a count-by value of 1, 3, or a custom quantity.
* Count by scanning bar codes using the device's camera or an external bar code reader.
* Camera scan bar code preference: tap-to-scan or automatic with delay to help avoid double-count.
* Subtract by the count-by value using the +/- toggle, automatically reverts back to adding.
* Delete an item from a location to subtract its count at the location.
* A log shows the most recent items counted (add or subtract) at the location in reverse order.
* Undo button reverses last count action (add, subtract, or delete) until log is exhausted or a maximum of 50.
* Increment (or decrement) an existing item at location by tapping item on list and selecting ++ (or +-).
* Categorize items, or set the default category for items added to a location.
* Custom category names up to a maximum of 100.
* Review number of unique items in a category and Total Counts by selected category.
* Add a friendly name or description to an item.
* Include a snapshot photo to help identify a location. Zoom by double-tapping image.
* Find all the locations an item was counted at in the item details.
* Include a value (price, weight, volume) for an item. Total value included in Total Counts.
* Compare counts by Reset Counts to move current counts to inventory comparison quantities.
* Compare counts on another device by exporting a text DCZ file via iCloud Drive, another storage provider, or email to import count comparisons on another device.
* Print or export count results of a specific location, of Total Counts, or Total Counts by category. Export to other apps supporting comma-separated (CSV) or tab-delimited (DCZ) text files.