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Use Ziptip’s Tipper App to pay tips directly and instantly to service providers, artists, gurus or whomever. Use the Share button to share Ziptip with anyone you think will benefit from getting instant tips. Ziptip opens up tipping opportunities and allows you to discreetly and quickly pay instant tips directly to a tip recipient’s PayPal account. No longer be frustrated by lack of cash, time or tipping opportunities.

Tippers set up their accounts using Ziptip’s Tipper App. When setting up your account, enter the email address you use for PayPal so your tip payments will disburse from your PayPal account.

Tip recipients open their accounts at While a user can be both a tipper and tip recipient, tipper and tip recipient accounts are different and were designed that way for users’ security; tip recipients can only receive funds.

Tippers are charged 1% of each transaction by Ziptip. Tip recipients pay the nominal PayPal fee.

How does it work?

Using Ziptip’s Tipper App, tippers can transact a tip in one of three ways: (1) scan the unique image (qr code) a tip recipient displays most commonly on a business card; or (2) enter the service provider’s ID number (also displayed as part of their unique image); or (3) enter the email address of the tip recipient. You can pay a tip to anyone using only an email address if they have a PayPal account!

Input the tip amount, enter your PayPal password (at the PayPal login screen) and
your tip is instantly transacted. Set up preset tip amounts and tip even faster. Want to take your time tipping? Accept a business card from the tip recipient and tip whenever you feel like it or have the time. View recent tips paid on your phone or log into to see all your tipping history.

All users link their Ziptip accounts to PayPal, so you know the transaction is safe. In addition, unlike big banks and credit card companies, PayPal transactions are instant. You’ll know you have paid a Tippee directly and instantly into their PayPal account (not their employer’s) and no one is in the middle of your transaction getting float from your hard earned money.

Never fumble for cash again. Business travelers finally can track tips paid for
expense reports. Tip recipients receive their tips directly and instantly unlike with credit card payments. Completely confidential, just like cash. No hardware of any kind required. Simply load the free Ziptip for Tippers app and start tipping today.

Download the Ziptip Tipper App and start using Ziptip today.

Learn more about Ziptip at or at our Facebook page: