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E Chart test HD - Medical eye Diagnostic chart and test

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★★★ E test chart HD - Medical eye Diagnostic chart and test ★★★

Professional medical EYE Diagnostic app with E chart test.
This app is for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, to use in physical exam or triage, especially if you're on the move.

It uses amazing iPad HD display to provide professional tool and instrument for eye diagnostic at hospitals, schools, universities, at homes, etc.

★★★ WHEN E chart test HD USEFUL ★★★

- House visits
- Triaging
- Patients who have memorized the office chart
- Medical education
- Medical catering

Test have description how to use it! You do not need to be specialist to use this app! Its simple and useful for all!


E Chart, also known as a Tumbling E Chart, is an ophthalmological chart used to measure a patient's acuity for distant vision.
This chart is useful for patients that are illiterate or too young to read but who can speak.
It contains rows of the letter "E" in various kinds of rotation. The patient is asked to state where the limbs of the E are pointing "up, down, left or right." Depending on how far the patient can read his or her visual acuity is quantified. It works on the same principle as Snellen's distant vision chart.

★★★ E test chart HD FEATURES★★★

- Not entertainment app - professional medical tool!
- HD iPad graphics
- Correct distance instructions for test
- Only useful professional tests
- New FREE updates is upcoming!
- Full iPad and iPad 2 support
- Support for use with iPad VGA adapter with you monitor/TV/projector/etc.

(c) E test chart HD - Care about your eyes!