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Camera As Art

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Education
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Cameras are used to make art, but here we present cameras as art - functional, mechanical, historical, design - art. This app contains 199 premium images of beautiful vintage cameras. Here you will see:

• the smallest and most intricate 35mm camera ever made,
the incredible 1937 Compass Le Coultre

• the gorgeous 1953 GaMi16 from Italy

• an almost perfectly preserved 1936 Leica Standard 1c

• a dream condition Leica If kit from 1952

• a gorgeous 1954 gold plated Leica IIIf

• the first zoom lens ever made for 35mm,
the Voigtländer Zoomar from 1959, in mint condition

• a near mint 1958 Exacta Varex IIa STEREFLEX stereo (3D) camera

and many more. So that you can learn more about these vintage wonders, detailed information is provided for each camera each camera.

This is one of a series of ''Ultra-HD'' Pixels By Paul apps. Why "Ultra-HD"? Because including exceptionally high definition images offers the user several advantages over the usual screen sized imagery in most apps:

★ You see much more detail in these images.
★ You can select parts of an image to use as wallpaper in any orientation, without sacrificing sharpness or detail.
★ Many of these images look great, and make fascinating wallpaper, when they are stretched or squished to fit your device's screen. This can be done in any orientation, without sacrificing sharpness or detail, due to the ultra high definition of these images.
★ Slideshows are also more fun because they include scrolling across large images.

This app is designed to entertain, with its fun flipping browsing interface, and with its slideshows. It can also produce lovely wallpaper for your devices.

A unique feature of this overall series of Pixels By Paul apps is their ability to size wallpaper to fit within wallpaper safe areas. Safe areas are the areas in the Lock and Home Screens which are not blocked by the status bar, date/time bar, unlock slider, and dock. Pictures can be fitted to the safe area while keeping their original aspect (the ratio of height to width is maintained), or pictures can be stretched or squeezed to completely fill the safe areas. You can do this with the pictures in this app, and you can do this with your own pictures.

The safe areas of iPad Home and Lock screens, in vertical and horizontal orientation, and on the iPhone, are all different in their dimensions and placements. Even if you bother to figure out the exact pixel dimensions and placements of each of the 6 safe areas, making safe area wallpaper isn't something you'd want to do manually for very many images.

This app requires no internet connection to run. Everything you need is included inside this application. And it's a universal app! Run it on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, all for one low price.

This app requires iOS 4.0 or higher.