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Soul Captor - 狩神伝

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
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  • Adventure
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Find the monsters that hides around your and capture their souls!

== 為感謝使用者踴躍下載,程式提供限時免費下載! ==

這是一個鮮有人知的秘密-來自東方的妖魔鬼怪, 正潛伏在你我身邊, 調皮搗蛋為人們帶來災厄, 樂此不疲。但現在人們也有了反擊的對策, 只要拿起iPhone相機, 找出藏身在你身邊的怪物, 擊倒牠們, 就可以捕捉牠們的靈魂!,

怪物們有著各自不同的出沒習性,在不同的時間、地點,都可能會遇到不同的怪物,總共有上百種等著你來挑戰、收集。Soul Captor iPhone提供了數十小時的遊戲內容和近百的角色等級, 讓玩家得以體驗擴增實境技術所帶來的身歷其境的感受, 並在RPG的玩法中, 和來自《狩神伝》東方奇幻風格的怪物一一過招!,

《狩神伝》為歡慶遊戲上市,與Soul Captor iPhone合作展開「完成成就搶限量序號」的活動!只要完成Soul Captor iPhone遊戲中的成就,就有機會獲得序號,並可兌換《狩神伝》遊戲中限量的特別虛寶!

117種個性樣貌截然不同的怪物,以及詳細記載捕獲怪物資訊的收集圖鑑;角色最高可達99級,還有數十種威力效果各異的武器防具,一切都在Soul Captor iPhone的冒險之中!

Soul Captor iPhone會以您的所在地區作為遊戲資料參考值,為確保遊戲能正常執行,遊玩時別忘了開啟設定中的「定位服務」喔。

This is a secret seldom known to most – monsters from the East are hidden and lurk around you. They enjoy making troubles and playing tricks on the public. Now, the public have a way to fight back! Take up your iphone, turn on your camera and their presence will be reveal! Defeat them and capture their souls!

All monsters’ habits are different; appear in different time and hidden in different places. Up to hundreds of monsters waiting to be discovered, capture and collect. Soul Captor iphone have 10s of hours of gameplay and you can level up your characters to maximum of 99 levels! Users can experience the fun that Augmented Reality (AR) can bring in RPG. Join the fun with your iphone in “Soul Captor iphone” and capture monsters from the East!

To celebrate the launch of “Soul Captor Online”, Soul Captor iphone and “Soul Captor Online” worked together in a join promotion of “Complete achievements and get a limited item redeem code” event! When you have complete an achievement, you will have the chance to receive a redeem code for “Soul Captor Online”. This redeem code allows you to exchange a limited edition item in “Soul Captor Online”

Collect total of 117 monsters and seal them in your Soulpedia handbook.
Upgrade your character to level 99 and armors and weapons will special effects!
All can be found in the adventure of Soul Captor iphone!

Soul Captor iPhone will use your location as a reference, so to make sure the game functions correctly, don’t forget to turn on your “Location Service”.